Mr. Ismail Yasein

Mr. Ismail Yasein

Leading Article

Mr. Ismail Yasein - ARA, President

Despite facing several obstacles; such as the lack of financial support as well as the lack of research in the Arabic language on robotics and artificial intelligence; We are pleased to present you with the second issue of the Arab robotics Magazine.

Our deep belief in issuing an Arabic magazine specialized in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and the positive reaction received with regards to the first issue has only driven us to promote and maintain this initiative and overcome obstacles in order to publish the second issue of the Magazine.

The magazine is considered a new achievement to the Arab Robotics Association (ARA) which has raised awareness through providing useful information and research for students, researchers, scientists, and those interested in this field. The issue includes the participation of researchers, scientist and academics with notable achievements in the field of Robotics in the Arab region. They provide several important and useful studies and research to realizing the goals and tasks of the Magazine and to serve humanity without any discrimination on race or color.

The second issue of the Arab Robotic Magazine includes many important scientific research and studies, where the editorial committee sought to enrich the second issue in order to provide Arab readers with a new scientific addition.

The issue includes various research, studies and articles on scientific concepts, research ideas and technical studies. We aimed to provide a comprehensive coverage of the 4th Arab Robotics Conference and the 9th  Arab Open Robotics competition; believing in the importance of these two events that are supervised by ARA.

As part of our role in promoting the positive achievements and highlighting the abilities of the Arab innovators; the second issue includes a wide coverage of the achievements of the Arab teams in the international robotics competitions.

As part of our role in promoting the positive achievements and highlighting the abilities of the Arab innovators. It should be mentioned here that the Arab teams have a global presence and they have achieved excellent results in the global competitions. In this issue, we emphasize on some of the pioneering Arab experiences in the field of robotics, especially in the field of education and training for students and teachers at different levels of study.

Finally, we assure all those interested in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence that we will work together to expand this remarkable initiative for it to become a distinguished scientific reference. Therefore, thank you for your efforts, your valuable contribution and your continuing support. We, the members of ARA and the team behind the Magazine, hope that it continues to develop and succeed to become an Arab flagship in this field that brings together the inventions of researchers, scholars and those interested.

This will only be achieved with your support, your contribution and your valuable opinions, which will guide us towards a greater path... Thank you again to all those who contributed to this issue of the magazine.